Bon Iver // Air Studios April 17, 2012


Life February 28, 2012

Sorry we only update once a year. Blogging life has taken a backseat to our real life. These photos were recently developed from our old film camera. Each photo telling a raw and genuine story from events of our life.

For our one year anniversary, Loren planned a surprise hot air balloon ride at sunset.

Us eagerly awaiting our adventure above the clouds.

Dream come true.

35mm means you don’t get 23 tries to capture a decent photo.

“The winds have welcomed you with softness.
The sun has blessed you with his warm hands.
You have flown so high and so well,
That the gods have joined you in your laughter
and set you back again into the
loving arms of Mother Earth.” -Balloonist Prayer

My handsome husband.

Wedding rings 300 ft in the air.

Denver, CO shooting a family video of the beautiful Wilcox family.

Elitch closed. Sad day for this guy.

Colorado in the Fall is a wonderful experience.

Sometimes I like to pretend I am Martha Stewart. Autumn dinner party.

Bike riding with this little monster and her leopard pants with uggs.

Photo capturing a photo capturing a photo.

Hunting down our first Christmas tree with my dad (frequent CA visitor).

Onesie pjs are a Christmas tree decorating must.

Loren’s fishing hole fishing companion (Greg).

The beautiful Lindsay Smart everyone!

Our New Year vacation getaway with our dear friends The Smarts.

I don’t condone killing animals… and yes, that includes fish.

We sleep in this 25 foot gem every Christmas break in Boise, ID.

My parents bought this van in 1984. They used this vehicle to transport their 6 children (including me) to every state in the nation (except Hawaii, duh). 2 days before Christmas, Loren begged my dad to drive it. 7 minutes after we got home from taking it downtown to a diner… it blew up. This photo was taken the day after.

God is Love at Salvation Mountain. Loren surprised me for my birthday and took me to this beautiful place that I have been wanting to go to for years.



Life takes on a whole new meaning, when a man dedicates his life to constructing this mountain out of recycled material and his love for God.

I spy…

Shoe tree.

The birthday extravaganza continued on bikes to the ACE hotel. In love with this place.

A photo within a photo.

Moving to California means we have an excuse to be Disneyland season pass holders.

Shaving this mop real soon.

Disneyland Christmas edition is 10x cooler than normal Disneyland.

He makes all my dreams come true.

Every day he visits us he has to get his 4 mile beach walks in.

One long neck looking at another.

All i wanted was a real baby giraffe for my birthday. Loren couldn’t find one… so he bought me this. I’m not disappointed in the slightest.

Beach side camping.

Loren with Tavish and Marshall for a morning surf.

Introducing: the boys.

Introducing: the girls.

The movies depict it all wrong. This is really what married life looks life.


Boise! March 26, 2011

We just spent the last week and a half on a business/leisure trip to Salt Lake and then over to Boise, one of our most routine adventures, but always great!
California Wedding Videographer - Brinton Films
This was some of the “Work” part, framing up some talking head with Lex as our subject.
I think this place is called “Freak Alley”, Lex is totally a freak on a leash…

Lex & Loren Brinton

Deep in thought

The Brintons

I like this one
Lex Brinton of Brinton Films
The record Exchange is Lex’s jam

Brinton Films - Record Stor

And this is where she is every time we go into a record store, which usually means we leave with 3 albums from bands we have never heard of,which is a good thing.
Lex Brinton - Brinton Films
Freak alley pt.2
Loren Brinton - Brinton Films

Abusing this iPhone artsy app completely. Snowmobiling in Idaho is what’s up.

Brinton Films - River Run
River Run. Lex’s dad probably planted all these trees, he is a boss.
Brinton Films - Loren Brinton
Loren Brinton of Brinton Films
Cleaning out Lex’s ┬áparents pool, full of giant worms and Tadpoles.
Brinton Films Shoot

Worth it!

California Videographer

This is a spot Lex has been driving by her whole life and always wanted to stop but never has. We stopped, why go on a road trip if you can’t remember it right?

Brinton Films - California Wedding Photography and Videos

Mackin it. The tripod and timer were killing it!


Brinton Films

Brinton Films - Loren Brinton

Twin Falls Canyon.

the Brintons -Brinton Films


Lex Brinton

Lex Brinton - Brinton Films

Crazy haired woman

Brinton Films Arizona

Just 15 hours on the Great Basin Hwy and we are back in AZ!


Roadtrippin March 18, 2011

Lex is from Boise,Idaho,so we visit every few months to hang out with her super awesome family. The drive can be gnarly but we make the best of it by stopping to see friends in Salt Lake ,doin a little boardin, and stopping at every enticing gas station on the way.

Brinton Films - Road Trippin - Lex Brinton

Lex in the zone

Lex Brinton - Gas Station - Brinton Films

Gas n’ Candy

Lex Brinton - brinton films

This is me forcing Lex to let me take a picture of her but still blowing it on the focus

Lex Brinton of Brinton Films

Still blowing it on the focus. The Zeiss 50 1.4 can be a real SOB

Brinton Films - Artsy Foot

Lex’s footwear of choice.

Brinton Films in Idaho


Brinton Films - Snowboarding in Idaho

I went night boarding with Lex’s brother Brandon and it was powmazing. Bogus basin is my jam!